Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Days before typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda was expected to enter Philippine's area of responsibility, evacuation of families and other safety measures were done by the local government in preparation for what was expected to be the (unofficially) strongest recorded tropical cyclone to make landfall. 

When the storm hit, telecommunication lines were broken and it wasn't until about a day after since the last broadcast of news correspondents stationed in the southern part of the country that we began seeing live newsfeeds on TV.

Nothing could have prepared us from the images that we saw. Structures were crumbled as if they were a house of cards; tall tress were toppled and uprooted; countless of lives were lost and the survivors were left confused, aimless, cold and hungry. It was heart wrenching to watch the news and the only immediate help you can give is to say a prayer for the victims to find courage, hope and faith in the midst of the chaos.

Devastating though was typhoon Yolanda's aftermath, one can not help but have faith in humanity and faith in God who acts thru them as we volunteers put their efforts into helping our country.

In time, I pray for the Philippines to rise from the devastation stronger and more united. Bangon Pilipinas!

images from BBC;CNN;ABS-CBN NEWS;GMA;FACEBOOK and the World Wide Web

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