Wednesday, November 13, 2013

after Yolanda, what now?

days after Yolanda left a debris of crumbled structures; lost lives and hungry and cold survivors feeling helpless and hopeless in its wake, we see the sad truth about the situation in the Philippines.

I won't deny that the Philippine Government has its shortcomings - heck! even I feel frustrated at the lack of organization being done to aid the victims of typhoon Yolanda. We hear donations in cash and in kind being pledged and given by other countries which are yet to reach those affected. 

Where are our government heads? what have they done? In my opinion various Non Government Organizations have already done a huge part in collecting, sorting and repacking out relief goods and more help are coming from all over the world - medical teams, food supplies and others the least the government can do is 'pave the way' so to speak for these operations to be carried out.

I an not in a position to know how difficult the process can be but I guess the first thing the government should have done is to put ORDER and ORGANIZATION so that relief operations can be done.

As a Filipino Citizen, I love my country but I could not deny feeling frustrated with it's government. Where are the politicians that we have voted? have they set foot in those affected areas? have they smelled the stench of rotting corpses? have they seen the hopelessness in the eyes of the survivors? felt their pain and anguish? sometimes I doubt if they even watch the news. I mean who in their right mind can stomach pocketing taxpayers money upon seeing the desperate and miserable condition the country is in??? yet you STILL hear news of corruption in the midst of crisis - customs bureau attempting to tax help coming from Germany?? WTF??!! I admit to not knowing what government officials are feeling, what they are doing or not doing but how I wish for government officials to have heart, go out of their way and make themselves visible (as they were at elections) and HELP their people.

Anderson Cooper reports the harsh reality:


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