Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I consider myself very lucky indeed for being spared from experiencing any devastating events caused by natural disasters or human acts of violence. When I was in high school a powerful earthquake hit the Philippines. I was in school but other that the shock of seeing chairs, tables and potted plants shake and the panic that ensued, we all went home safely unlike the countless of other students across the country who were caught between rubles of collapsed school buildings. I am very lucky indeed and I thank the Lord for always keeping me and my family safe.
Today tremors and aftershocks from a massive earthquake in the Iran-Pakistan border again hit the region. It is the second time this week that it happened. Holding office in the ground floor, I didn't realize what was happening until a colleague pointed it out. I was standing wearing three-inch stilettos that I thought I was just loosing self balance as I'm not used to standing too long in heels.
I got goose bumps and my heart skipped a beat when what happened dawned on me... I pray for the Lord to keep us safe...

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