Sunday, April 21, 2013

a happy bunch

I had just recently read an article written by an Emirati highlighting the happy disposition Filipinos have. Come to really think about it, Filipinos really are a happy bunch - you wouldn't know from our smiles, the problems and trials we face.
Take being an expat for example - as an expat it is our unspoken responsibility to send money back home to support not only our immediate family but our relatives and occasionally our friends as well never mind not having enough to survive before the next payday comes, as long as we can fulfil our responsibilities we can happily live on boiled eggs, canned tuna and instant ramen. It can be difficult at times but we know how to set our worries aside and de-stress even if it is only by letting off steam over a cheap cup of coffee.
The downside of this happy pill that we constantly have it that sometimes we loose focus of the matter at hand, let everything be, live by the phrase 'que sera sera' and make no effort whatsoever to improve the situation. This is the other side of the coin - sad but true.

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