Tuesday, April 2, 2013

100 bucks of summer

Free beaches have been one of the top things I like about Abu Dhabi. I have, countless of times went to the beach on a whim just so I could soak up the sun and feel the fine sand between my toes as I walk barefoot collecting shells. I didn't worry about anything and went with sometimes just enough change for taxi fare and a cold beverage.
Imagine being charged a 100 dirhams for that!!! nooooo!!!! in this news article, it is said that Yas Island public beach goers will have to shell out a hundred big ones to enjoy the beach. Oh my! that seems too much, specially for families - yes granted that it is in Yas Island and yes they said a beach club would be introduced complete with amenities but then again if that is the case then it won't be a public beach anymore now would it?
The project is said to be completed by the end of this year - and only at it's completion can we say if paying the 100 dirhams would be worth it or not. As for me, I am sticking to going to the free corniche beach - I just know I can relax better knowing that I did not blow a huge chunk off my budget just so frolic under the sun - I am after all just a middle class abu dhabi expat!


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