Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Lobster

My office mates have been looking forward to trying out the Red Lobster Restaurant which had recently opened in Al Wahda Mall and finally, in celebration of a colleague's birthday we did.

The place had a nautical theme going on with paitings of lighthouses and lifesavers on the walls, the furnishings are of dark wood which reminds me of beach cottages only more posh.

The wait staff we all friendly and attentive and here's hoping their zeal and zest to provided great service won't wane ever.
 seafood on the menu!!! good thing I am not on any diet! bring it on!

 while waiting for our entree's to be served, we were given a basket of complementary cheesy biscuits, yum!

 each was also served a portion of salad, wow two free items already??!! the anticipation builds up!

 our pasta choice of Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo - I was surprised how big and generous the chunks of chicken were! the alfreado sauce had a spicy kick which perfectly balances out the creaminess of the sauce making it less overwhelming.

 scallops are rarely on any american style bistro's so I went for this Peach BBQ Shrimps and Scallops. The shrimp and scallops are cooked prfectly but I wished there was more of the Peach BBQ sauce or an extra small bowl of it on the side.

 the Ultimate Feast featuring Maine lobster tails and Shrimp linguine - the lobster tails were succulent and tasted even better dipped in butter, the pasta lacks a tad bit of sauce.

Overall dining experience was above expectations, the service and food was good with generous portions, all these were shared by three people and we ate until we were full to bursting - that is why I wasn't able to try their dessert *cry* but we still had to parcel half of the pasta and a portion of the lobster tail. We were discussing that maybe the servings were huge and they gave complimentary biscuits and salads only because they had just opened and my friend argued that the portions might get smaller as they gain following well I sure hope not!


  1. Wow this blog post made me really hungry! :D Hello, blog hopped my way over. Fellow expat and Filipino in Abu Dhabi as well. :D

  2. hi Gail!!! thanks for stopping by :) will be checking out your cool blog :)

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