Saturday, February 9, 2013

discounted relaxation

So I though I'd start celebrating my birth month with a full body scrub and relaxing massage. I had a day off from work today and took the opportunity to make an appointment at Sunitha salon/ spa. I got a 49AED discount voucher from Groupon and though it a very good deal as the aforementioned services costs 300AED.
When I got to the salon 10 minutes before my appointment, I was greeted with a nice receptionist and was told to wait. I placed my self in the comfy couch and started flipping thru magazines. When I was done with all the magazines in the rack, I realized I have been waiting for over 30 minutes. The receptionist who I guess noticed my building annoyance came up to me offered me beverages, her own snack and apologized for the previous clients who were BFF's and apparently did not want to share the steam room and wanted their each own separate time, even the lady who handles the 'scrubbing' duties apologized. I am not one who would make a fuss so I settled back into comfortable position on the couch and busied my self with taking pictures of the interiors.
When my scrub time came, I found out that the nice lady giving the scrubs and moroccan baths have been at it since the morning, she does not have any reliever and though she was tired she still seemed cheerful and jokingly said she was thankful that although she maybe small shes got a strong body. The scrub lasted just 15 or 20 minutes tops and then it was time for my massage.
The previous clients who had their massages were attended to by 2 masseuses and I was worried that my case would be the same. I didn't want two masseuses because I want the session to be longer, I want to feel relaxed with the massage and not hurried, thank god I was attended to by just one person. The session was shorter that the usual but at least, I am guessing she took care of the knots on my shoulder and calves so I was contented enough.
When I was done and spending some rest time before heading out, I was contemplating how much I should tip. On one hand I spent more time waiting than getting scrubbed and massaged - I guess with the influx of clients with discounted vouches they have to work fast enough to acomodate everybody without them feeling that they are being shortchanged; on the other the ladies were nice and I did get a discounted voucher so I decided to tip the two ladies a modest amount, thanked them, walked the short distance home, made myself a cup of tea and settled in bed with my laptop..aaahhhhh.... I wish I'd have more realxing days like this...


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