Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the little supermarket that could...

One of the convenience of living in the Abu Dhabi city center is the abundance of small grocery stores, seems like every building has one situtated on the front and often times they are used as reference points or landmarks.
Before, I found this incredulous. I mean in the short distance between my building and the supermarket there are about four or five small groceries, I often wondered before if they make any profit at all, well turns out they do and over time I realized how important they were. They come real handy when you've reached the bottom of your grocery bag only to find out you've forgotten something, you can just phone them and the store attendants can deliver that item you need in minutes. No need to get out again just for a packet of soup mix, a buillon cube or a can of milk, all you have to do is call and problem solved!

Recently I have noticed that these small shops seem to be empty or closed, at first I though they are taking stock inventory but an office mate told me that these stores are due to close unless they renovate or move into a bigger space as per the new government regulation. Having grown accustomed to their convenience I would be sad for their closure and sorry for the loss of livelihood for some people...


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