Thursday, January 17, 2013

my number, my identity

What I though was just a routine database updation for mobile phone service subscribers by Etisalat apparently has more to it than just that.
Before the start of the new year, I received an SMS informing me to visit any point of sale Etisalat outlet and update my customer profile. I was thinking it was because having purchased my SIM card over 6 years ago maybe its time to update my visa details on the system database and nothing else - if not for the threat of cutting my service I would have not grudgingly went because I know the queue would be long and I don't want to waste my one day off standing in line when I could have been relaxing with a massage, but being the good expat that I am, I went and (thank god) waited in line for just under thirty minutes - it pays to be an early bird.
Well it turns out that it it just not a routine database update but a part of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority's (TRA) ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign to stamp out mobile phone fraud and tighten security.  I remember that one time when I was a 2 million AED winner for a split second, I never really reported that incident to the authorities but I am thinking with this new campaign it will truly be easier to apprehend people to do scams like this and hopefully deter those scammers from any other fraudulent activities.
I am glad I did my part, and you should too!
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