Saturday, January 26, 2013

Around the World in a night

we braved the foggy roads of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and drove to Global Village to enjoy the rides, bargains, sights and festivities... with sections 'divided' per country its like touring most of the world in a night :)
Philippines!!! being the only Christian county in Asia, its quite fitting that our country is represented by a cathedral fascade
Africa - this is probably my favorite section, not only was the entrace elaborately designed, the wares inside seemes authenthic Afrian wood works

man made river where you can take boat rides

crafts from the Vietnamese section

balloons and Ferris Wheel
who wants a train ride? chooo choooo!

Colorful Jordan

Good bye Global Village!

 fireworks to cap off our night

Thursday, January 17, 2013

my number, my identity

What I though was just a routine database updation for mobile phone service subscribers by Etisalat apparently has more to it than just that.
Before the start of the new year, I received an SMS informing me to visit any point of sale Etisalat outlet and update my customer profile. I was thinking it was because having purchased my SIM card over 6 years ago maybe its time to update my visa details on the system database and nothing else - if not for the threat of cutting my service I would have not grudgingly went because I know the queue would be long and I don't want to waste my one day off standing in line when I could have been relaxing with a massage, but being the good expat that I am, I went and (thank god) waited in line for just under thirty minutes - it pays to be an early bird.
Well it turns out that it it just not a routine database update but a part of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority's (TRA) ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign to stamp out mobile phone fraud and tighten security.  I remember that one time when I was a 2 million AED winner for a split second, I never really reported that incident to the authorities but I am thinking with this new campaign it will truly be easier to apprehend people to do scams like this and hopefully deter those scammers from any other fraudulent activities.
I am glad I did my part, and you should too!
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

snap happy - circus

I found these snaps in my files - taken a few years ago it was when a 'circus' sans the big tent was put up somewhere along the Heritage Park in Abu Dhabi.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

did you say shopping??!

Get your comfiest shoes on and your wallets ready, Dubai Shopping Festival has begun! From January 3 to February 3 you can shop to your heart's content. I have never really been a shopaholic - I'd like to think I have a strong self control and really weigh in 'want vs need' but hey who can resist a really good bargain?!! even the strongest of wills will surely falter at the sight of those big red discount tags!
Am keeping aside a small teeny weeny portion of my spending budget this month, head over Dubai in two weeks time and check if I can score some good buys! here's crossing my fingers I will! I think I need to make a list of the things I need so I won't get too carried away with the bargain hunting - a girl can't have too many shoes now can they??!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the little supermarket that could...

One of the convenience of living in the Abu Dhabi city center is the abundance of small grocery stores, seems like every building has one situtated on the front and often times they are used as reference points or landmarks.
Before, I found this incredulous. I mean in the short distance between my building and the supermarket there are about four or five small groceries, I often wondered before if they make any profit at all, well turns out they do and over time I realized how important they were. They come real handy when you've reached the bottom of your grocery bag only to find out you've forgotten something, you can just phone them and the store attendants can deliver that item you need in minutes. No need to get out again just for a packet of soup mix, a buillon cube or a can of milk, all you have to do is call and problem solved!

Recently I have noticed that these small shops seem to be empty or closed, at first I though they are taking stock inventory but an office mate told me that these stores are due to close unless they renovate or move into a bigger space as per the new government regulation. Having grown accustomed to their convenience I would be sad for their closure and sorry for the loss of livelihood for some people...


Saturday, January 5, 2013

extra! extra! read all about it!!!

Eversince I was a child, I liked joining clubs.I liked making contributions and really looked forward to receiving club newsletters to see if my name and piece were published - sometimes I think it is ironic because I grew up shy. I guess it's my way of expressing myself, anything that does not involve dancing, singing or acting in front of huge crowds am willing to do, tee hee.

I have just recently joined Expat focus affords general information about living abroad based on 'member's' personal experiences. Check out my Expat Experiences interview here:

read my story!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year everyone!!!! how's your day so far??? the first day of 2013 for me is spend lazing around the house, browsing the net, eating whatever I crave for and having short naps while nursing a slight headache from staying up late last night in celebration of New Years Eve. I hope I would be more productive the rest of the year!

While browsing the net I stumbled upon 2013 horoscopes, I quickly clicked to my zodiac and read mine. It's always fun to read horoscopes - specially if it sounds promising tee hee!!!

2013: Pisces Overview
2013 is nothing short of stellar for you, Pisces. By summer, you're ready for the grand water-trine influence as Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune all flow together in Water signs to make magic. Your powers of psychic perception and healing have never been stronger. Your ability to create glamour, weave fantastical illusion and provide invisible-but-potent healing to others is beyond measure. Others will feel inextricably drawn to you without understanding why. This is excellent for your star potential as others sense something extraordinary and sublime in your presence. People want to have you around as much as possible even without fully comprehending why. The best part is that people are willing to pay big bucks for whatever it is you have to offer and no matter how intangible it may seem. For once, you won't feel like the oddball, freak or the perpetually misunderstood alien in the crowd but rather the mysterious-yet-sought-after special someone that others cannot resist. It's all part of your otherworldly glamour and mystique. Work it, Pisces!
You still have the generous influence of Jupiter working the base of your horoscope for the first half of the year. If you were planning on expanding your home or upgrading, now's the time. Your luck with real estate is exceptional until June, so take advantage of the first half of 2013 if you were planning any kind of major relocation or home improvement project. The second half of 2013 switches the focus from family and home to pleasure and romance. Your love and creativity zone will receive the big gifts of Jupiter starting this summer. Pleasure is on the rise from June until next January as you prepare to live a life of proper leisure. Your inner romantic will be amazingly satisfied for a change under this most auspicious influence. Love letters, poems, films, music and every other form of love-inspired medium will be calling you. Surrender to the sweetness and let yourself dwell in your chosen form of pleasure during the second half of the year.
The eclipse points of 2013 will stir up your travel sectors -- both domestic and foreign -- so keep your passport and suitcase handy. This year is all about mind and soul expansion for you on every level. Get ready to leave the comfort of familiar territory for more experience and adventure than you've dared to dabble in for years. This year will be anything but ordinary.