Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When a friend suggested we try out Sumo Japanese restaurant in Masdar City, I quickly searched the net for its website hoping for a glimpse of their menu – I know I would be bombarded with choices so I wanted some time to contemplate, yeah I am mental like that.

 The menu looked promising. They have the usual appetizers, salads, bento meals, noodle and rice dishes but highlight if the menu would be the wide selection of hand rolled sushi, sashimi and nigiri. I was glad to have found an online menu to mull over my choices otherwise the wait staff would be rolling their eyes at me at my indecisiveness.

 So I decided that I would get myself a bowl of ramen and side orders of nigiri. I have never had ramen in any Japanese restaurant I have been to and I have ‘Sumo’ (big) expectations of this restaurant.

 When we got there I was surprised at how small it was, thank god for its outdoor seating otherwise it can get crowded. I don’t remember much of the interiors except that it looked contemporary with dark wood furnishing and that there was nothing Japanese or Oriental feel to it.

 So I ordered my Miso Ramen proudly but when it was served it fell short of my expectations. First the bowl it was served in was not the traditional Japanese big round bowl that I was expecting but a triangular one. What’s with the bowl obsession you might ask – well I just had this vision of me sipping the soup straight from the bowl with a satisfying slurp just like they do in animè. Second, the noodles were all clumped together and I had to ‘fluff’ it with my chopsticks otherwise I would be eating a noodle disk. The ramen’s saving grace was the broth – it was flavorful yes but then again it tasted like a souped-up version of the beef teriyaki.


 The bento meals were good and came in big servings but I did not care for the presentation. It was served piled up in bento boxes without dividers so you have to dig to get a portion of rice with your mains which can get a bit messy, also the bento meals did not come with a bowl of miso soup and other sidings like they do in other restaurants.


 As expected the best part of the meal was the sushi nigiri which we ordered a variety of.

 Overall Sumo is slightly above your average Japanese Restaurant. There is a variety of inexpensive items on the menu but I would stick to their sushi, sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls and signature dishes the next time. It is a great place to go to if you are within the area but there is nothing spectacular about it that would make me want to drive all the way up to Masdar City.








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