Monday, December 10, 2012

ride of the future

We drove all the way to Masdar city a few nights back for some bento and sushi. My friend had raved about the place and being someone who is always up for trying out new restaurants I happily/ reluctantly missed a night of yoga, but more on the food in the next post because I think the highlight of the trip was the novelty of getting to ride the Personal Rapid Transit or PRT.
 The PRT, also called a podcar is designed for individual or small group travel

 the podcar runs from point A to B via a network of magnets embedded in the ground, there are no visible cables or rails - quite amazing!

cozy interiors with leather upholstered seats

 all you need to do is tap the screen 'go' and off you go! Powered by rechargeable batteries - they are eco friendly
It really was quite an experience, I felt like a kid on her first carousel ride. I was all giddy and excited!

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