Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Moroccan bath, known in Arabic simply as hammam is a tradition and a known as the must-do ritual before a girl gets married here in the Middle East. Like a modern body scrub it is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin.

I have been very intrigued about Moroccan Baths since a colleague of mine said it's her secret to super smooth skin. What puts me off from trying it is the idea of being naked in front of some stranger, but yesterday having an off day at work I decided to go to the spa and have some pampering with a moroccan bath and a massage. The massage was very relaxing and I swear I wanted to tell the masseuse to stop the small talk because I am ready to fall asleep, but like all good things it was over all too soon then it was bath time.
First was a quick warm shower, then lathering of the moroccan bath soap, it was during this process that I told the lady it was my first time to try the Moroccan bath and she said 'looks like it, you have a lot of 'dirt' on your body' - I was like 'what? I take a bath everyday!' then they let you sit in the steam room to open up your pores - this was my favorite part, my skin looked supple and felt smoother already and then the scrubbing begins. The loofah they used was kind of rough and I was scrubbed with tough love that I really thought my skin would be raw and bleeding after all the scrubbing but it wasn't, all I could see were dark specks kind of like wet dust bunnies - I guess those were my dead skin cells - I guess she was right! I really was 'dirty!, after that was a warm shower and then am done.
My skin did feel and looked a lot smoother. I might make it a regular thing now and as for the whole experience - it was not as humiliating as I imagined it would be, the lady was nice and motherly that I felt like a kid again being given a bath by mommy!
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