Thursday, November 22, 2012

kandura make-over

The Kandura or dishdasha is the traditional garment for male UAE nationals. The long white garment of ankle lenght and with long sleeves is usually worn with a head scarf called guthra which is kept in place by a black rope called egal. White is the most comon color though I have seen some people wear brown, gray and black.
I often see men wearing the traditional UAE garment kandora as intimidating, they just look so serious and stiff wearing the crisp white garment that I can not help but feel a little bit timid dealing with them. At times we do a double take and don't recognise our clients when they come in wearing jeans and shirt and this is when I feel I can joke with them a little.
While women can show their fashion sense with embelishing their abaya with beads and lace the kandura has remained basic and simple - that is until now. Seems like tradition has caught up with fashion in an article that I have read. It features the autumn/winter 2013 collection of Dubai based Saudi Arabian designer Hatem Al Akeel with the kandura 'getting a Bond (James Bond) make-over'.

I guess now when I see men wearing this, intimidating will be replaced by fashionable.

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  1. This will sound weird but where do I get these kind of styles of kandura's

    1. i am not really sure - but tailoring shops are all around the capital, maybe you can get one custom made?