Saturday, October 13, 2012

lights, camera, action!!!

Aside from irate clients who at times yell, point fingers accusingly and tear up papers nothing exciting really ever happens at the office. Most of the time we go about our work and happily pack our things at the end of the day for a job well accomplished. Sometimes the routine can be boring and it is events like the advertisement shoot done in our branch today that puts somekind of excitement in our day.
Although we are not really part of the shoot - which was just too sad really tee hee, just watching the crew set up the equipment, the director going about and giving instructions to the actors and the scene actually being shot gave us something of interest to watch - lucky it was a saturday at the office was not really that busy.
The crew (to me at least) looked like those men in movies who ride Harley Davidson's with their beards and moustaches, tattoos and bald heads but their wisecracks and easy smile made them less scary. I can not help but chuckle when I hear them yell "smile! you are getting a million dirham investment form this client!" or " you got the deal, be happy but not to giddy!" to motivate their actors.
The whole process took almost 7 hours, who knew that a simple handshake or meet and greet scene can take almost half a day to shoot?? I guess it was best we were not part of the video, although my dreams of becoming a commercial model - har har! went out the window, I can not imagine going thru endless takes just so I could perfect handing out a brochure to a client, now I know why they have actors for that!

camera rolling!!... hmmm come to think of it I did not really hear the director say "lights, camera.. aaaactioon!" I guess that just happens in movies!

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