Friday, October 19, 2012


I am a scaredy-cat. I shamelessly admit that am scared of anything paranormal. I don't watch horror movies - even a short preview on tv sends me in a frantic mode to switch the channel heck I can not even make my self watch the series Supernatural despite the fact that the lead actors are cuties because it has monsters and demons in it.  I don't listed to ghost stories and the slightest hint that people are going to start talking about it sends me out of the room. I even am weary of those pic that are headlined "find the dot.." or something because I did try to find the dot once and as I bring my face closer to the monitor to squint and find the dot, the scary face of Linda Blair in that famously scary movie jumps out at me with the maniacal laugh in the background. I swear I fell of my chair.
Bottom line is ghosts or any paranormal activity I guess is my biggest fear and it is weird that I get excited about Halloween. I guess all that jazz fires me up. I don't think there is any other holiday that will allow you to live your fantasies and give you an excuse to dress up or in some cases be almost naked. Halloween parties, all that candy and all the fun and crazy things you are allowed to do 'because it's halloween' makes it one of my favorite holidays - minus the real scary stuff that is.
I was born in a country that didn't really celebrate Halloween, but times are changing and the haliday hoopla has caught on the southeast - marketing ploys I know but it's fun for the kids yes?! Halloween is just a few days away and shops are nicely decorated with pumpkins, spooky masks and witch's hats. I wish I was a kid so I'd have a reason to play dress up, knock on people's doors to get free candy, go to a real pumpkin patch and have a carved pumpkin at my doorstep.
 I dream of carving my own pumpkin, but at 55 AED, I think I'll find other alternatives

was surprised as I turn the corner aisle too see the grimm reaper!

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