Friday, October 19, 2012


I am a scaredy-cat. I shamelessly admit that am scared of anything paranormal. I don't watch horror movies - even a short preview on tv sends me in a frantic mode to switch the channel heck I can not even make my self watch the series Supernatural despite the fact that the lead actors are cuties because it has monsters and demons in it.  I don't listed to ghost stories and the slightest hint that people are going to start talking about it sends me out of the room. I even am weary of those pic that are headlined "find the dot.." or something because I did try to find the dot once and as I bring my face closer to the monitor to squint and find the dot, the scary face of Linda Blair in that famously scary movie jumps out at me with the maniacal laugh in the background. I swear I fell of my chair.
Bottom line is ghosts or any paranormal activity I guess is my biggest fear and it is weird that I get excited about Halloween. I guess all that jazz fires me up. I don't think there is any other holiday that will allow you to live your fantasies and give you an excuse to dress up or in some cases be almost naked. Halloween parties, all that candy and all the fun and crazy things you are allowed to do 'because it's halloween' makes it one of my favorite holidays - minus the real scary stuff that is.
I was born in a country that didn't really celebrate Halloween, but times are changing and the haliday hoopla has caught on the southeast - marketing ploys I know but it's fun for the kids yes?! Halloween is just a few days away and shops are nicely decorated with pumpkins, spooky masks and witch's hats. I wish I was a kid so I'd have a reason to play dress up, knock on people's doors to get free candy, go to a real pumpkin patch and have a carved pumpkin at my doorstep.
 I dream of carving my own pumpkin, but at 55 AED, I think I'll find other alternatives

was surprised as I turn the corner aisle too see the grimm reaper!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

stick shift

Learning how to drive is some sort of rite of passage - almost every teenager eagerly anticipates the time when they get old enough to get a learners permit. I got mine a few months shy of my eighteenth birthday - it lay tucked in my wallet like a prized possession that must not be tainted until that day that my dad finally decided it was time to put us behind the (training) wheel. Back home, the best driving lessons was taught by fathers, brothers or uncles. Driving schools are only for the rich and those who can not simply learn by unorthodox methods - and by that I meant learning with your father's voice raising not in anger but maybe in nerves as you almost hit the curb.
Eventually my brothers went on to be good drivers while I got stuck making rounds within the village. I knew how to drive per se but as my brother puts it 'I don't have good reflexes' to be a defensive driver which might be the reason my father doesn't trust me enough behind the wheels to let me take the car out of the village gate and onto the real world of traffic.
When I came to the UAE, I thought it is just as well - I don't think I would survive driving here. Drivers here are in extreme opposites - some drive furiously fast, run the red light and swerve lanes without so much as a blink of their signal lights and others are soooo damn slow and undecisive that at times even I as a passenger get annoyed. Thus it is not uncommon to see, read or hear screeching tires and road mishaps.
While browsing GulfNews today I came across a video initiated by the said publication to promote safe driving. There was also various articles that encourage defensive driving like Caltex's RoadStar Reward campaign and the Dubai Public Prosecution's soon to be launched e-game to educate people and promote safe driving. Kudos to Caltex and the Dubai Government with their efforts to make UAE roads safer.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

lights, camera, action!!!

Aside from irate clients who at times yell, point fingers accusingly and tear up papers nothing exciting really ever happens at the office. Most of the time we go about our work and happily pack our things at the end of the day for a job well accomplished. Sometimes the routine can be boring and it is events like the advertisement shoot done in our branch today that puts somekind of excitement in our day.
Although we are not really part of the shoot - which was just too sad really tee hee, just watching the crew set up the equipment, the director going about and giving instructions to the actors and the scene actually being shot gave us something of interest to watch - lucky it was a saturday at the office was not really that busy.
The crew (to me at least) looked like those men in movies who ride Harley Davidson's with their beards and moustaches, tattoos and bald heads but their wisecracks and easy smile made them less scary. I can not help but chuckle when I hear them yell "smile! you are getting a million dirham investment form this client!" or " you got the deal, be happy but not to giddy!" to motivate their actors.
The whole process took almost 7 hours, who knew that a simple handshake or meet and greet scene can take almost half a day to shoot?? I guess it was best we were not part of the video, although my dreams of becoming a commercial model - har har! went out the window, I can not imagine going thru endless takes just so I could perfect handing out a brochure to a client, now I know why they have actors for that!

camera rolling!!... hmmm come to think of it I did not really hear the director say "lights, camera.. aaaactioon!" I guess that just happens in movies!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

cool down

I went out this morning to a pleasant cool breeze and as I walked along the back streets to the main road I saw clouds or fog seeping amongst the city buildings. I wasn't able to capture the scene as the fog/ clouds moved quickly past but you know the scene in movies where a sinister looking fog creeps over the city? that is the idea that poped into my head although I did not expect any moster to come out from behind because the day seemed to start bright and cheery. I guess it is just because winter season is just around the corner and I for one am looking forward to getting my coats out of it's storage for a spin.

Friday, October 5, 2012

snap happy - lounge chairs

cooler days are coming and though it would soon be too cold for a dip, don't let that stop you from going to the corniche. Winter would be the perfect time to lounge around in wicker summer furniture and catch up with friends over a cup of hot coffee or cocoa.