Saturday, September 29, 2012


random thoughts today:

- just when we thought we can breathe the sigh of relief because we are told that recession has passed and the termination scare is over, some companies are still downsizing. Companies are aiming to get back the businesses they lost as soon as possible with no leniency for underachieving staff. Seems like it will be a long time before we can feel secure about our jobs again.

- I have been watching Japanese teen romance movies recently (Hatsuyuki no koi, Tada Kimi wo Aisiteru...) and I noticed that it is common to have the characters play budding artists - a photograher, potter, painter... kinda cool coz you get to appreciate 'art' as you watch the movie.

- sometimes looking at other people's profiles on social networking sites make me feel depressed. I begin to envy them coz they have been to places, did a lot of stuff, are very succeessful in their chosen carrers, living their dreams and have started their own families - I am insecure like that - put some sense in me please...

- I know I have a lot to be thankful for - I don't always appreaciate it, but I am thankful.

- dieting sucks!!! - but I decided to start eating healthy and lay off sweets and junk food not for the sake of being 'sexy' (I guess that'l never happen! LOL) but for health reasons. I feel I eat way too much sugar that I just might have diabetes when I get older.

- I wish my hair grows longer faster. I just had a haircut a few weeks ago of course when you take a bath the next day you 'see' what your hair really looks like (of course it always looks perfect when you get out of the salon what with all the blowdrying and stuff). Mine was cut in such a way that it 'creates' waves pointing all in different directions... I miss my hairdresser in the philippines :(

- it's just the beginning of the work week and with our additional day off cancelled, I kind of wish it passes by quick enough so I'd get to have a restday (friday)
wish the days to come to be awesome!!!

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