Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have heard of my friends trying out Applebee's and saw pictures of their mouthwatering offerings all over facebook but it was not until a few weeks ago that we have finally tried it. I was my brother's birthday and because he said he is 'tired' of my cooking, we went out to eat. After going around the mall to build up our appetites we were down to two choices - one of them was Applebees. I could not really remember the cincher that got Applebees our vote but boy did we luck out on that one.

The food was the usual American diner fare, with big burgers, fajitas and steak platters. We went for orders of Sliders, Shrimp and Steak platter and a Grilled Salmon. I am not familiar with the practice of dipping sliders in aus jus - and it was a pleasant surprise - it gave the mini burgers more moisture but we agreed that the cheese (I don't remember which) used left a somewhat bitter aftertaste and it might have been better with our favorite mozzarella or monterey jack, but that is just us.
The shrimp and steak platter which was served with a side of mashed potato and buttered veggies seemed on the small side or maybe I just have a huge appetite because I was able to finish it all by myself - well I might have given my brother a small hunk of it, but still...  good thing the steak was tenderjuicy (I had it cooked medium rare) and flavorful enough that I didn't need open the steaksauce on the table and the shrimp was cooked just right and had a great garlicky flavor or it would have been a total bust.
the steak does look small innit??
The grilled Salmon was served on a bed of rice pilaf with ratatouille salsa - salmon has a tendency to taste bland but this one was seasoned just righ,t I specially liked the crunchy parts of the skin - might have been a cooking mistake but it was a good kind of mistake.
it taste good, but the presentation is somewhat lacking oomph don't you think?

As the usual routine with most food chains here - the manager in charge came to our table and asked about our dining experience, how the food and service was we told him all the things I've mentioned above, he thanked us and wished us to enjoy the rest of our meal.
As we are finishing our meal - a surprise in the form of a complementary sizzling caramel apple pie came! it was totally unexpected - we were just planning on having ice cream for dessert but I guess the dessert gods decided we should have something special to cap off a nice dinner and what presentation! as the lady poured the caramel sauce over the pie, the platter sizzled and the aroma or the caramel just made my mouth water!
do you see the size of that scoop of vanilla ice cream??? sweet sizzling goodness!
 It is soo good, not overwhelmingly sweet - it was just the right balance of sweetness from the caramel and vanilla ice cream that complimented the tartness of the apples,  it was the best non-chocolate restaurant dessert I ever had! and for someone who always insists on something chocolate for dessert - this is saying a lot!
Applebee's was not just a lucky pick - it was a good choice.

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