Saturday, September 1, 2012

ana ma-atkalam arabia shuaia!

... I have been working here in the United Arab Emirates for a few years, though I can somehow communicate using the arabic language I am far from proficient. I used to learn from my egyptian colleagues - by listening intently while they speak, asking them the meaning of each word I caught, jotting them down in small notebooks and practicing the use of each word and phrase with them. I would have been proficient by now had they not been assigned to other branches or have moved on to different companies, thus lessons were cancelled and my notes gathered dust under my cupboard since then.
... it wasnt until about a month ago that I unearthed and dusted my notebooks for a refresher course!
... in an effort to "enhance" our communication skills - the bank I work for arranged an arabic speaking (and little writing) seminar for non-arab staff. We were basically taught a few banking vocabularies and phrases that would be useful in dealing with clients. We took the 30 hour course in the span of 2 weeks and one month, going to class twice a week for one and a half hour.
...I am not a nerd but it was fun learning really!!! what with the free lunch and red "mumtaz" on my homework!!! haha!


  1. Hi Ms. Cheryl! I came across your profile here and I thought maybe you could help me a bit. I was offered a job as a Spa Receptionist they are offering me 1800 AED I don't what to think about this. It is free accommodation and transpo they said. May I ask what do you think of this offer? Thanks!

    1. hi jengay!!!! hmmmm.... I am not really sure what the salary ranges are for receptionists - so i can not give you an informed answer - I am so sorry :(

      ... but 1800 is a bit low, take into consideration the kind of lifestyle you want and other expenses like food...

      - most of an expats salary goes to rent, so a free accomodation offer is always a plus but I advise you to check the living conditions too...

      I suggest you go over at:

      and try to research on the salary brackets for your sector! I hope this helps and good luck!!