Sunday, August 26, 2012

United we stand

This may be too late a post but I just wanted to share this video I stumbled across in Gulf News. You may have heard about the recent calamity that has hit the Philippines, there was an 8-day period of intense rain and thunderstorms which was actually not caused by a typhoon but of a strong Southwest Monsoon resulting floods that has submerged several towns, provinces and even some parts of Manila - the Philippines Capital City. When I heard of the calamity on the news of course my first concern was my family and I am thankful that they are well and safe. My father even planned to join some rescue operations using his big jeep if he was not down with fever. Here in Abu Dhabi, it did not strike me to start a relief operation campaign, I am willing to volunteer if there was one but I guess I found out too late. I salute the organizers of this campaign and here's hoping that they never get tired of helping our fellow Filipinos and praying that the Philippines will see sunny days ahead.

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