Saturday, August 4, 2012

turning Japanese

Over the years I think my palate for Japanese food has developed into a more sophisticated one - I am now able to appreciate the subtle flavor of sushi, sashimi and the various handrolled nigiri when before I would not dare touch anything with raw slices of fish no matter how appetising they looked, beautifully laid out on a platter. I would only take fried tempura and crabstick and vegetable rolls not realizing I am missing a lot.

I don't really remember what how it happened but I had a change of heart and am glad I did. Japanese Cuisine is an art. From the preparation to presentation, everything is meticulously prepared. What I like best about Japansese food is that the flavors are very subtle so you can savor the freshness of the seafood, the slight tang of vinegar flavored rice, the sea saltiness of the nori and the intense heat of wasabi. There are no overpowering flavors that mask the real taste of the food.

Whenever we have a hankering for a taste of Japan, our go to place is Samurai. Samurai offers a variety of good quality hand rolled sushi nigiri, bento boxes, ramen and other noodle and rice dishes at very affordable prices. My favorite part of dining at Samurai is getting to cook my own yakiniku. There is something so authenthic about grilling your own meat japanese style, all that is missing is the tatami mats and performing Geishas and it would have felt like I am dining in the land of the rising sun.

how cute is it that they provided me with a pink cherry blossom decorated plate set?!

they have a ramen/ sushi bar too, this is where the chef hand makes all the sushi and nigiris

my lamb yakiniku set complete with rice, appetizer, salad and miso soup! heat up the grill!

seems like I started picking up the contents of my sushi platter and popping them into my mouth before taking pictures so you have to trust me when I say Samurai is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi

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