Tuesday, August 7, 2012

precious time

I must say, in all of seven years that I have lived here in the emirates I have 'enjoyed' this month of Ramadan the most. I don't mean to sound insensitive and 'enjoyed' does not mean I got to party hard while most of our fellows are fasting it just meant that I had the most use of precious time this month by spending it with friends and family, catching up on my reading and working on my hobbies.
With the shortened working hours and the now more effecient work system in my department, we are able to finish work and clock out on time. I am able to reach home early, finish my usual kitchen and cleaning duties and thus I have more spare time to do the things I have dismissed before in favor of the coziness of my bed and fluffy pillows. 
I am now into the first chapters of a popular (e)book series that I have downloaded following a curiosity that has been piqued by continous trending and social networking discussions. I have also tested more of the recipes that I have discovered thru the internet and though my waistline isn't too happy about it, my palate certainly is. I have also begun some DIY projects that I am hoping to give away as 'just because' presents. Most important of all, I am able to spend more time with my family back home via web chats.

There is a few days of shortened work period left before we go back to the usual 8 hour work shifts. I sure am going to miss having all this free time.


  1. Your blog made me miserable. Though i had less working hrs, I wasn't able to do anything interesting in this Ramadan except my daily work. No new recipes tried out no DIY, no art no reading too.

    I simply lack inspiration now a days to do anything. :(

    But happy for you.

    1. ooooohhhh am very sorry to hear that madisonjumper2@gmail.com - heat can really make you feel lazy and there are days when I too feel uninspired and just switch on the TV or hit the bed for a nap...

      it's not too late - we still have a few days of shortened working hours left to enjoy, I hope you find the inspiration to kick start you creative and productive streak!!!