Thursday, August 9, 2012

boy oh boy!

I have always loved giving out hand made gifts. There is just something satisfying about working at an idea and making something nice and cute out of simple things.

For my flatmate's baby shower, I tried my hand at making a diaper cake. It was an impulse idea because I could not find that perfect gift to give, so I had to go from one store to another just to get all the materials I needed and boy am I glad I found everything, whew!!!

It's made from rolled up nappies, onesies, ribbons and a teddy bear... I wished I had more baby toys to decorate with but I didn't have time to plan ahead so...  anyhow I am quite surprised at how cute it turned out that I am sort of wishing I get invited to another baby shower just so I'd have an excuse to make one again!

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