Tuesday, August 21, 2012

back to work

*sigh* the Eid holidays are over, the three days are over in a snap *sigh*. Going back to work after a holiday always feels kind of depressing, in my case I end up cramming last minute activities just so I could feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that the vacation didn't go to waste and that I did something sort of productive.

What saddens me is not the going back to work part - I sort of missed work, but the fact that it feels like my free period is being cut short as we are back to out normal eight hour work schedule. I guess I liked and gotten used to leaving home late and coming home early and the perks that goes with it - no rushing in the morning but a slow and steady pace where I am able to cook and have a full breakfast when before I leave holding my sandwich in one hand and my blazer in another. Oh I am sure going to miss these laid back days.

Remind me that I have to leave home at 7:30 max tomorrow - I had better set my alarm clock...

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