Monday, July 23, 2012

under my umbrella

I wish it was winter... or at least the days begin to get a bit cooler.

With this soaring/ searing heat its getting harder for me to appreciate the fact that I just live a block from where I work. I usually enjoy these quiet few minutes, where in I can 'contemplate' on things and just let my mind wander but now I can't walk fast enough to reach the refuge of my airconditioned office.

One block is not close enough for me to walk in this heat without breaking into sweat and not far enough for me to take a cab without the driver cursing under his breath at me for hailing him for this very very short ride.

So until the air cools down a bit I have to bring an umbrella with me so I can at least walk in the shade. In the Philippines we use an umbrella all throughout the year - come rain or shine we keep em handy, if you check one's bag or car for sure there is an umbrella tucked in there.

Here however, it seems like people are embarrased to be seen walking under an umbrella. They'd rather brave the heat of the sun or walk under a slight drizzle than carry one. An officemate who complained of getting a headache after going out for a few minutes in the midday sun even retorted that 'he wouldn't be caught dead with an umbrella' when I suggested he bring one next time.

 As for me I'd rather brave the weird stares and smirk than risk getting into the office in a sweaty blouse!
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