Wednesday, July 4, 2012

not just for kids

my morning routine used to be watching cartoons while eating breakfast. Back home my morning staple included Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab and Hey Arnold! together with omelletes and toast.
I used to think that people think me weird when I tell them I still watch cartoons (at my age) and often times I feel they can't relate when I liken or reference my favorite cartoons with real life situations, it also seemed odd to me that these good cartoons are shown early morning when their (supposed) target audiences are still sleeping but then I realized maybe there are as much adults as kids watching cartoons and I could have not justified it better than Athar Sameer who wrote an article about it in Gulf News.

1. Make an impression: A few hours of Johnny Bravo and you'll get enough tips on how to impress a girl. 
2. Believe in love: Happily ever afters... let Jasmine and Aladdin prove to you that it is possible. 

3. Sibling trouble? Dexter's laboratory will teach you to deal with a pesky sis. 

4. A lesson in how to be a team leader, friend and confidant: The residents of a village in Gaul, namely Asterix and Obelix, can teach you and how! 

5. Living healthy: Popeye proves that eating your greens, especially spinach, can make you healthy and wise. For tips on how to be wealthy, there are adult books on money and finance. 

6. More power to them: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup ... these Powerpuff Girls can make good role models for your little girl. 

7. Politically incorrect and still popular, Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara in Shin-chan can show you how to achieve that. 
8. Can we fix it? Bob the builder and his team will prove to you that there is nothing that can't be fixed... relationships included. 

9. Boys love toys: Time travel, flashy gizmos... Doraemon will give a glimpse of what's going to be trendy in the tech world.

10. Be positive: Now who wants a dose of harsh reality when you have Tom and Jerry telling you that all's well that ends well?

 Hey Arnold! tells the adventures and misadventures of fourth grader Arnold and his friends

 The boy genius Dexter hides a secret laboratory in his bedroom that his pesky sister Dee Dee always gets access to

Resident beefcake Johnny never gets the girl

one of my favorite Japanese Cartoon - Anime
Tiger and Dragor meet in Tora Dora

Naruto - a story on friendship and bravery

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