Thursday, July 26, 2012

my amore!

Pizza amore is listed amongst the best pizzeria around town by Timeout Abu Dhabi and it is because of its inclusion in the list that I decided to choose if for a get together with friends.
If the place is any indication of what the food is like I suggest you get past the tacky valentine themed decors (heart shaped menu, red table cloths, fake roman columns) because you will get a pleasant surprise.
We had the Il Brimo and chicken barbecue pizza which are both amazing! Unlike fast food chain pizzas with too much grease on the pan, Pizza Amore’s is light and crispy with the slight dusting of cornmeal that I love giving it that rustic and authentic feel and taste, the toppings are quite generous too. For pasta we choose the Lasagne, Fruitti de Mare, Spaghetti Carbonara and Spinach Ravioli. The clear winners here are the Lasagne which is by far the cheesiest ever I have had in Abu Dhabi, strings and strings of mozzarella are in every mouthful and the Frutti de Mare had generous amounts of shrimps and mussels. We had ordered way too much that we didn't have room for dessert. I failed to also ask for additional caviar topping which is available for the meager price of 6 dirhams - whut??!!! yes you read right caviar for 6 dirhams! unbelievable right?!!
The food (on my opinion at least) is above par any other pizzerias of their class. Prices are affordable and the servings generous, defini0tely value for your money. It is truly amongst the best Pizzeria around town!

that's the super cheesy Lasagne! sorry I could not get a good food photography shot!

photo credit to Time Out Abu Dhabi

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