Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mercury Rising

with the mercury rising high what better way to cool down than to sit beside the beach or a pool under an umbrella sipping a cold drink wherein you can jump off the sun chair and be in cool waters in a split second. I am not much of a beach or pool person but a swimming pool in the midst of the desert is kind of hard to resist don't you think?

Along with this weekend's issue of Abu Dhabi Week comes the first ever issue of The Middle East Traveller. I really do enjoy reading travel magazines and am glad and look forward to the next issues of this latest magazine, and did I mention you can grab a copy for free?!

The issue's Best Bet section features ten of the best resorts in the UAE. So head over at The Middle East Traveller and read more about these amazing resorts.

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  1. Even the water temperature also becomes warm, with the rise in temperature.. but i prefer the warm soft water of Abu Dhabi beach... even in the summers..