Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy chore!

If there is one chore I really like doing - it is grocery shopping!

It can be a leisurely chore if you have the time and unlike regular chothes or shoe shopping there is very less risk of having buyers remorse on an impulse buy at the grocery. You won't regret impulsively buying a two for one priced bottled marinara sauce because sooner or later you are going to use them. Even that boxed quinoa on sale that you just could not resist buying even though you don't have any idea what it is can still come in handy and turn out a great meal with some cooking ingenuity and help from an internet recipe finder.

I also like the fact that there is always something new to see at the grocery and not like fashion trends everybody can grab a pack, bottle or box and give it a try regardless of weigh, height or skin tone - well maybe not with allergies.

Grocery shopping is also a good exercise what with all that walking and lifting. I would never really tire of grocery shopping and will always think of it as a mini food adventure with the hunting of the best deals and new products.

veggie my goolly wow!

fish be with you

 hanging by a moment!

 spice of life

 got a date?!

i want me some french!

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