Monday, May 7, 2012

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I might have been British in a past life because though I love the smell of coffee I absolutely prefer tea over it. I love it specially with daintly sweet baked goodies.

I remember when I was a kid I open a bottle of coffee, inhaled its rich aroma and put a spoonful of it in my mouth, you can imagine me screwing my face at the very bitter taste, it must have been then that I developed a negative liking for it. Tea on the other hand is subtle in taste and aroma but has a soothing and calming effect on me - when you can't imagine those ladies in all their lacy and daintly afternoon tea party dresses going hyper with the caffeinated coffee now could you?

I like trying on tea varieties and my favorite would have to be green tea and camomile. I have yet to try this one type of tea where you put the 'flower' in a cup of hot water and it 'blooms' - I saw that on a travel show before.

And so one afternoon we decided to try out T House in Souk Central Market. I have passed by this small cafe quite a few time before and was intrigued my the many tea varieties that are on display at one side of the cafe's entrance but it was not until recently that we tried.

They have an extensive choice of hot and cold tea, a few savory dishes and some pastries. I decided on the rich chocolate cake and the gourmet variety Rose with French Vanilla tea - I do love the tea and cake combination.

We were served with a tea 'contraption', a mug and a timer. Depending on what type of tea you ordered you are to time how long the tea is supposed to sit before you pour and enjoy it. I quite enjoyed this  novelty - unlike other coffee shops where they just bring you your tea in a cup.

The tea was good - I can definetely smell and taste the vanilla and the sublte hint of rose. A delightful afternoon of tea with cake, all am mising is the frilly dress and hat.

 my perfect combiantion

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