Friday, May 4, 2012

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When I started applying for a job in the UAE, I have very little idea about what life is like here. I had a friend who was living in Dubai but I could not bombard her with endless questions as I knew she was busy and wasn't always online and while the intenet sure has a plethora of information there really wasn't any site that can give you information in the form of an expat's first hand experiences.

So I continued my application thinking 'If my friend is OK there, then I can handle it and I'd be OK too'.

As luck would have it I did good on the interview and was given a job offer. I still didn't know much about the place I was headed to and just hang on to my father's prayer saying that 'may I pass the interview and be accepted ONLY if I'd be fine and safe going to this new and unfamiliar country'.

When we came here in Abu Dhabi I was biletted at a top hotel sponsored by the company I'd be working for. We were given a 15 day hotel accomodation after which we'd have to find our own place. After those luxurious hotel living days, the following days of accomodation hunting brought us back to reality hard - all those place we visited were either too expensive for our budget or too depressing to live in. It was hard to rely on just classified ads and have to make all those calls, meet-ups and flat visits - it was a tiring and frustrating experience.

Fast forward to the present - with the advent of blogging sites it is now easier for people planning to take the leap and work abroad to get those crucial first had information about the lifestyle in a certain country. When I started this blog - I aim only to try and keep on writing as something to keep my so called skills active (I am a frustrated writer you see) but now I see it as something that can give people a glimpse of what life is like for a middle class expat living in Abu Dhabi. I have joined groups of Abu Dhabi expat bloggers and one of them is

Launched in 2005 by expatriates, for expatriates. Its ambition is to help people living or willing to live abroad, wherever they are from or would like to go.

A platform of expression and exchange and information source about expatriation the wesite offers various tools to help expats and potential expatriates via
-          discussion forums
-          expatriate blogs directory
-          guides
-          photo albums
-          business directory
-          classifieds.

And now to meet the demands of expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates in the United Arab emirates, Expat blog has launched two new dedicated spaces: a jobs section and a housing section. They are aimed at helping people in their job and accommodation search, two essential steps when expatriating.

The Jobs Section lists jobs by categories, contract type and destination. It is also a platform for anyone to create their CV and contact potential employers.
The Housing Section gives Abu Dhabi expats a platform wherein they can look for or offer an accommodation.

With sites like these it is now easier for people wishing to start a new life abroad to get information from real life experiences of expatriates.


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