Friday, May 18, 2012

life in a day

Ideally I should be getting two days off in a week but because of staff shortage am reduced to getting just fridays off until such time that we get the priviledge of an extra staff and so I try to do all my chores and what nots on thursday evenings so I have the whole of friday for rest and relaxation and the occassional mall, movie or party.

Because that extra day can be considered a special treat, I hate wasting it by spending the whole day sleeping - I get enough sleep at night anyway so why spend the whole day in lala land too? besides I get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I complete and finish a lot of things in one day.

So here is a peek on what a free day for me is like:

The night before a free day, I do a load of laundry, I try to think of a special menu, do the marketing and the pre-preparation. A free day means I get to spend as much time in the kitchen as I want and because I am usually the only one home I have domain of the kitchen. So this is when I experiment on baking and elaborate meals like stuffed chicken or oven roasted spare ribs.

The morning of my free day - I still wake up early, I try my best to sleep in but doing so just gives me a headache so instead get an early start and try to finish all my kitchen duties my 10 AM. Before Breakfast I try to squeeze in time for my yoga exercises.

If my baking experiments are a success I usually go and visit my friends at their offices and deliver some home made goodies. By noon I am back home for a bit of house cleaning and lunch. After lunch If I am feeling a bit 'creative' I go do some 'photography' and or update my blogs and browse the net.

I 'work' until the 'creative juices' quit flowing after which I clean up, put on snuggly pajamas, fluff my pillows, turn the AC up and settle with a good movie or two.

By early evening its time for snacks, more internet surfing and finishing up the small chores like folding laundry and some ironing. At times I go window shopping or to a cafe with friends for some catching up.

After all these I get to squeeze in a little bit more time internet surfing - would could resist checking in on Facebook everyone and then anyway? - before bedtime.

Its seems like I try to squeeze in too much (well, I do) into my free day, but it makes me happy knowing my day was a productive one - contrary to being tired after all those work, it refreshes me as I get to do all my hobbies which really are my stress relievers!

Until the next free day! - I look forward to it!

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