Tuesday, May 15, 2012

cover up please!

A few years ago, unless you are at a bar or night club you would not see any woman walking around Abu Dhabi in short dresses and skirts, you would not see anyone wearing thin spaghetti strapped tank tops without a light cardigan or denim jacket as a cover up. I guess with the influx of expats from more liberal cultures and parts of the world  more and more people (expats) are taking the liberty of wearing what they want and forgetting the social norms of this conservative country.

I may be deemed old fashioned but I sometimes feel embarassed on seeing scantily clad women around Abu Dhabi, like I have mentioned before here as expats we need to be reminded that we represent our country - even the tiniest act of misconduct can put us in a bad light thus the negative stereotyping of our nationality and although this is a open and very 'accomodating' country we must keep in mind to be respectful of the culture.

It is with this concern that an online campaign was initiated by two Emirati Women as reported in Gulf News

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