Saturday, May 12, 2012

click for a cause

I count my self one of those lucky expats who landed a good job at a reputable company. I am thankful too that in my six years here in the UAE I have been blessed with a comfortable, simple but happy expat life.

Sadly though it's not the same for every expat. I have heard numerous heart wrenching stories of people who come from all over the world armed with nothing but their dreams of a better life only to find themselves in a bind in some foreign country with no work after they have been scammed by illegal recruiters. Others are driven to suicide by sheer sadness at being away from loved ones. Still others are left by the very people who promised to love, support and protect them for the rest of their lives.

It is the case of the latter that the photography group that I have joined organized a shoot-for-a-cause event inviting all budding photographers and enthusiasts. For a small donation, participants are given the chance to work with models and practice their skills and built up their portfolios.

It was a perfectly sunny day with a cool breeze as we worked at organizing the models, facilitators and photographers. All proceeds went to help a pregnant Filipina who was abandoned by her husband. It was nice being able to be part of something that is geared to help fellow expats in need.

the club president giving a short introduction about the event

the make-up artist Laila who is the beneficiary of the event

 model and photographers at work

working it

 shooting from different angles

cameras at the ready

one of my best shots

it was a successful group effort

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