Wednesday, April 18, 2012

rain on my parade

I had just cozied into bed with the AC turned on a comfortable temperature with only a reading lamp for some good read before going to bed when I heard some 'noise' coming from my window - it sounded like there was something out there trying to get in.

I am a scaredy cat I admit, and it doesn't help that I opened the book I was reading on a chapter that referenced ghost stories nor that my room is quite dark. I would have ignored the sounds I heard but something inside told me to brave it out and check - so I did but not before turning on all the lights first.

Well... it was nothing scary really, it had just started to rain and the sound I heard was the wind banging against the window - whew!!!

Rains are are a rare occurence here as we all know and it is really a treat fro people in the middle east. I remember one time a few years ago while at work - my co workers one by one stood up went outside or gazed out the window, I thought there was an accident or something but no, it had just started raining and everybody just went out to watch. I though it was funny at first for them to be amazed by something as simple as the rain when back home in the Philippines frequent rain showers become a nuisance specially when you take the public transport, but then again I think it's quite amazing really, amazing enough to be sang about... did you just sing a few lines of "I'm singing in the rain..." in your head??!!

Everytime it rains here I am reminded of an old friend who likes to drive out into the rain, I wonder if that person it out driving right now...

can you see that drop of rain on my window pane??

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