Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mo Money, No Problem!!!

When I first started working I can't believe I get my salary every two weeks - payday in the Philippines being the 15th and 30th. I used to find it overwhelming to have more money credited to my payroll account when I have not even gone thru spending the first half of my monthly salary - that feeling lasted for about three months I think. In the next months - because I 'began' learning about the joys of spending on a whim telling my self "I earned it, so I have the right to enjoy it" - I wail a day or two after payday because my bank account is almost already depleted. Thus is the payday cycle of an average employee.

Imagine then the adjustment I had to make when told that here in the Emirates, salaries are given only at the end of each month - which means I have to budget and stop myself from compulsive spending lest I run out of cash well before the month end comes along. In time I learned how to budget and pay my bills early on, thank goodness we have a very good payroll system - imagine how hard it is for other people who have to scrimp and pinch even more to make ends meet becaue of delayed salary.

Bless the government/UAE central bank for improving and mandating the UAE Fund Transfer System wherein salary transfers using the WPS (Wages Protection System) and other fund transfer transactions within UAE can be proccessed in real time and even after banking hours if they can find an open FTS-link center.


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