Saturday, April 28, 2012

is "hi! how are you?" the newest pick-up line?

it is really a crazy world out there um no scratch that - people are really crazy out there or maybe it's just me?...

while walking home from the office today I saw one of our company's client. I normally choose to ignore clients I meet outside work frankly because I want to avoid the awkward small talk but we came face to face and I knew this client recognized me and so I smiled and said "hi sir how are you?" he said hi back and said "you are from *company name*?" I answered in the affirmative while taking mini steps in an attempt to show that I want to go on my way when he began asking for my number, I told him for any inquiries he can call the the office trunkline anytime, he began waving his mobile and again asked for my number agian saying he needed a girl friend, I abruptly turned around and walked as fast as my heeled shoes would permit. sheesh here am I thinking I was just being polite not knowing a simple "hi" would be taken as a pick up line *sigh in disbelief*

from now on I would stick to my rule of feigning ignorance whenever I see office clients out of work... I don't want to be accused of picking people up, no sirreeeee!!!

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