Thursday, April 5, 2012

in transit

I have always loved airports.

I have always thought of airports as a fascinating place with all those huge glass skylight panels, that big board that tells of departures and arrivals, airport personnel looking strict as your school librarian and people walking about in various attires and gears from suits and laptops to surfing shorts and guitar hard cases. I guess having dreamed of travelling I think of the airport as that portal that would bring me closer to the places I wished to see and the adventures I wish to have.

Being an expat, it now is the happy portal that would bring me back to the warm hugs of family and friends as well as the one portal that would take me away from my family and on to my adventures when that one month vacation is up.

I really do love airports despite the hassle of security checks and what have yous for me it signifies homecoming and the start of a new adventure.

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