Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Beautiful Ones

Beauty Pageants sure are glamorous. The gowns, the make up, the hairstyle, the costumes and specially the crown. Oh my! I am sure every girl has dreamed of becoming a princess one day and because we can not all be Kate Middleton and capture the heart of royalty, I guess the next best thing to get that crown is to join a beauty contest. A few weeks back I was asked to assist a photographer friend in covering a school beauty and talent show.

Like a real beauty contest - there are the parade of the candidates in their national costumes, talent show, long gown competition, sportswear competition and question and answer portion. My favorite part would always be the long gown competition and the candidates sure look very regal as they sashay onstage in their glamorous and sparkly gowns.

The question and answer part will always be nerve wracking even if you are just part of the audience - and I admire the candidates who have all delivered their answers eloquently and with grace 

I have got to say kids these days are lucky to have various talent training and personality development centers and programs that help them come out of their shells and gain confidence, I am glad I wasn't a judge that night -must have been a tough job.

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