Wednesday, March 28, 2012

whistle blower

If there is anything that can instantly ruin my mood it is people who makes cat calls and whistles while you walk past by - I am not being a prude or anything but living here in the Emirates where people often stick to the notion the Filipino women are 'easy' I find these acts not flaterring but degrading and insulting specially if they call out the word 'kabayan' which can be translated to mean 'me fellow countrymen'.

Such incident occured this morning - as I turned the corner out of my building to the main road a bunch of guys began calling out "uy si kabayan! kabayan!" as I ignored them and continued walking a little faster I hear them begin to argue with themselves as to what nationality I am all the while calling out to me their guesses - this really irks me and I can not assume they are being friendly because it sounded more like verbal harrassment to me. Sometimes I want to answer something sarcastic back at them but I figured they might not even get my sacrasm and think of it as something akin to flirting so I just walk on in my own little bubble.

I wish people would stop doing this - If they want to be friendly there is a proper way of introducing themselves right??

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