Thursday, March 29, 2012

spellcheck please!

Once back in high school I won a spelling bee and was awarded a medal come recognition day - I was quite proud really bacause because (thanks Neil for pointing that out LOL! *bows head in shame*!)  at least I know I am good at spelling which I so badly hope would make up for my lack of mathematical skills.

Now I think my spelling skills are deteriorating. Spelling mistakes are not uncommon here in the UAE where English is not the first language or the second for that matter, so often times people would just write words phonetically. It is not to say that they are slow just that its much easier and when it comes down to it they get their point across anyway besides is good for a laugh.

I guess we are so used to this that one time at the grocery my officemate really thought that the reason a certain snackfood was on sale was because they had misspelled the brand name on the packaging. We had a good laugh about that with me convincing her that is was about a sports promotion and her honestly believing there had been a mistake.

Fun times at the grocery


  1. "I was quite proud really bacause at least I know I am good at spelling" #fail :-)

    1. LMAO!!!! I knew I would make a mistake there somewhere!!! good eye you!!! LOL!!