Wednesday, March 14, 2012

singing the blues away

Am feeling kinda down lately and though a lot of good things has happened I can't seem to shake the negative vibes. Living away from your family you sometimes yearn for that familial bond and though the internet helps quell your homesickness with video chatting there is nothing like feeling the warmth of your family's tight hug.

I have a lot to think about it seems - apprehension with regards to my work, a certain gossip that may or may not affect me largely in the future, and a feeling of resentment towards someone that I truly wish to overcome. I pray and promise myself everyday to look at the brighter side of things but I have that habit of dwelling on things until I have analyzed every detail after which I would move on. I know I should not dwell on these things that make my outlook bleak - I know I have a lot- a lot to be thankful for and appreciate so I decided to chase away the negative vibes my making a happy music playlist - listening to it I can't help but sing along and dance. It feels good to forget things for a while and just let loose!

Here's the top song on my list:

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