Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LULU skip to my lou!

I recently went on a photowalk with some of my mates from the photography club that I have joined a few months back.

We went on a field trip to Lulu Island. I have heard a lot of news about the development of the man made island opposite the corniche -as I remember there was a ferry ride you can take from the Marina breakwater to the island, a bus to take you around the island and a few amenities like beach huts, artificial lakes, restaurants, tracks for horse and camel riding and bike rentals for visitors - the rumors was that it would be developed into a private hi-end beach club but I guess all plans are halted as it has been closed to the public and can now only be accessed by private boat.

We were lucky one of my mates 'knew' somebody thus we were able to go on a day trip and practice taking pictures on manual camera settings.

here are some of my shots


  1. Some nice pictures! We sometimes go there for a quiet day on the beach.

    1. thanks!!! it is a nice place - secluded and peaceful :D