Sunday, March 25, 2012

Identity crisis

Finally after much cajoling and sometimes threatening, my brother has at last applied for the Emirates ID.

Aimed to Identify and Verify a person as per International Standards - I have gathered that they are already in use in many countries including most European countries and some parts of Asia, the US and UK however are still in debate on whether the proposed system is feasible - it is mandatory for all legal UAE residents above the age of 15 years. With the National ID being linked with visa services and will eventually replace the Labor Card (within three months) it is as urgent as ever to apply.

There has been much confusion before over the system and procedures and deadlines of applying for the ID, I for one relied on the information via my friends and just went to apply my ID after work without any schedule but much pleading with the officers to please please admit us in, even if we have to wait and be put at the very end of the queue – which they pityingly did thank god, resulting in the very haggard looking picture of me on the card.

I am quite relieved (for my brother) that now it is much more organized. The application can be done online or via typing centers, after which you are to expect an SMS for information on when you are scheduled to make a trip at the Emirates ID Authority office for the finger printing etc, then you can rest easy and wait for another SMS informing you of the availability of your card and where to pick it up.

Here's hoping you have applied for your ID's already!

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