Friday, March 23, 2012

the girl who was on fire

... so with all this hype about the book (and movie) The Hunger Games from the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzzane Collins, I decided to go on and read the book - I had just finished actually and it was a good read, short and concise it is with only 190 pages.

The plot of fight to the death for survival though not new is given new light in this book, set in the future in a nation called Panem consisting of a wealthy Capitol controling 12 poorer districts, girls and boys from age twelve to eigtheen are pitted againsts each other for fame and fortune in the (controlled by the Capitol) wilderness. The heroine Katniss Everdeen is not your ordinary damsel in distress but a strong willed and self sufficient young woman making the book a much less sappy story though you can tell that a love triangle between the three protagonist is brewing.

It was a good read and though the plot is different I found the writing simple, it is not to say that I could have written a better version only that I would have wanted more back story and details - details that make go back a few pages to string everything together, but I guess being told in the first person it is kind of limited.

The movie is showing now in cinemas worldwide (I guess) and I think this is one of those book to movie adaptation where the movie is better than the book.

I look forward to reading the next books and maybe I'll eat my words and declare it a great (not just a good) read.

chanelling Katniss Everdeen with the side braid

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