Tuesday, March 13, 2012

come ride with me

Living in the Abu Dhabi, I didn’t feel the need to take driving lessons, apply for a license and get a car. Sure there are times when I feel it more convenient and cheap to have a car instead of taking the bus or taxi but a one day, once every two or three months trip to Dubai or any other emirates just doesn’t seem to justify the need.

It is easy to get a taxi here for one and while the fare has increased considerably in the last couple of years with the introduction of the new fleet of silver taxis, if you live at the city center like me, (secondly) you could always walk the distance to the grocery store, mall, restaurant and work and goodness knows we need the extra exercise!

With the 1AED fare public buses (2 or 3 AED for long distances am told) getting around is much more cheaper. The fare can be paid in cash by dropping the coins in the fare box near the driver upon boarding or one can purchase the OJRA card which is valid for 30 days of unlimited bus rides. The bus service runs for 24 hours and as per schedule (should) comes at fifteen or twenty minute intervals but with the unpredictable traffic and heavy passenger number during peak hours the schedule isn’t always on the dot so you have to get at the bus stop quite early, if you are running late I suggest against using the bus as travel can also be on the slow side since bus stops are numerous and only a few meters apart.

Abu Dhabi buses currently service the following routes:

05 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Hamdan Street] Tourist Club
06 - Al Ras Al Akhdar/Beach - [via Al Falah Street] Mina Zayed/Indian Social Center
07 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Electra Road] Tourist Club Area
08 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Hamdan Street] Tourist Club Area
09 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Al Falah Street] Tourist Club Area
11 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Al Falah Street] Mina Zayed/Fish Market
32 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Airport Road] Bain Al Jisreen [near Umm Al Naar]
34 - Marina Mall/Breakwater - [via Electra Road, Muroor Road] Abu Dhabi Courts/Zayed Sports City
44 - Tourist Club Area - [via Electra Street, Karama Street] Officers Club
52 - Tourist Club Area - [via Airport Road] Abu Dhabi Courts/Zayed Sports City
54 - Tourist Club Area - [via Hamdan Street, Muroor Road] Umm Al Naar
56 - Tourist Club Area - [via Electra Road, Muroor Road] Khalifa Park

There have been new routes added which runs from central Abu Dhabi to the suburbs or regions like Shahama, Mussafah, and Khalifa City. 

I personally take the bus running errands during my days off from work when I don’t have to run against time and can enjoy the leisurely ride.

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