Thursday, March 22, 2012

close that tap!!!

Close all your taps and check for leaks, not a single drop of water should go to waste (today and everyday) because today is World Water Day!

First proposed in the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, March 22 has been declared World Water Day and has been observed so since 1993. Each year the celebrations highlight a specific aspect of freshwater and freshwater resources and this year’s theme is Water and Food Security with the tagline ‘The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry’.

Needless to say, water is essential in producing goods and services each individual consumes – I know that much, what I didn’t know was that it takes about 140 liters of water just to produce a cup of your favorite Starbucks CafĂ© Late!. Just imagine how much water is consumed to produce just one Burger Meal and most people don’t even finish their serving.
In my household, specially here in UAE, me and my brother make it a point not to let even the smallest portion of food go to waste, whatever leftover we have is stored in sealed containers to be reheated or ‘dressed up’ as another dish for the next day. What was a conscious effort to keep within our food budget and avoid food waste helps reduce my water footprint as well and I am glad.

So I encourage all of you out there to conserve water and avoid wasting food and other resources as well. Here are some actual things we do at home to save water, food, other resources and ultimately money – because the middle class abu dhabi expat can not afford to waste any of these!
- when cooking for 2 or one person its better to use smaller pots and pans, smaller cookware ‘fool’s you into thinking you have cooked a lot which in actuality is good enough for two persons
- store left-overs in sealed containers and reheat or dress it up for the next meal. Left over roast chicken for example can be used for chicken sandwiches the next day
- when eating out, order only what you can consume

Most of the utilities here in the UAE are built in with rent payment so most don’t bother conserving water and electricity because they think ‘it’s free’ but it’s not so please reduce water and electricity consumption by:
- using buckets to flush the toilet or use the half-flush button is available
- use the ‘speedy’ cycle on the washing machine for unsoiled, once-used clothes
- use the two sides of paper. In the office I was shocked at how much paper goes to waste, with the abundance of A4 stocks most of my office mates don’t mind throwing out papers from misprinted documents. I started compiling them and re-using them and am glad my office mates now make an effort to do the same
- turn of the AC and remove plugs when you leave home
- and as much as possible reduce, reuse and recycle

Lets all do our share to keep mother earth alive!

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