Sunday, February 5, 2012

packing frenzy

I have only two and a half days left before I drive to the airport and fly back to Abu Dhabi and resume work. It would be another year's wait for the next vacation. I would surely miss the days of leisurely lazing around, going on food adventures and out of town trips with family and friends.

But before I could dwell on the nostalgia and novelty of the past glorious month - there are a lot of packing to be done. As an airline rule we are allowed a maximum of twenty kilos of check-in luggage and seven kilos of carry on bag. I as much as possible to try refrain from having a carry on luggage, I don't want to carry that much weight specially when taking connecting flights - it prevents me from enjoying the sights of the usual two to three hour stop over. As for the check in luggage, if you think 20 kilos is a lot - wrong! specially for Filipinos. 

We have this 'pasalubong' thing where in we bring back (lots and lots of) goodies to give our friends and family - it's like a compulsary thing. My brother jests that I keep saying am not buying anything but end up buying everything for everyone. Add to that the things we have shopped for ourselves. I specially shop for clothes and shoes because its more cheaper in Manila and they carry my small size - I do my years' worth of shopping in a month. And now I have to face packing, repacking and weighing my luggage to make sure I don't go over the limit. Oh the Agony!

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