Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh happy day!

Today is my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!

I woke up today with the realization that age does really creep up on you!!! – now picture Joey in that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode screaming “why God?! Why?!”

When I was younger (much younger than I am today haha!) and asked to write essays about ‘how do you see yourself in ten years’ during entrance exams and English Literature assignments I have always wrote that by this time I would have my own family, my own small business and substantial savings to live comfortably.

Well it seems like fate and God has a different plan. I have yet to meet the man with whom I am to start a family with, I haven’t my own business – I funded a Laundromat with my brother but that is being handled by my mom now so it’s not technically mine, and though I have some savings – I guess I can’t rely solely on that for a planned early retirement.

I may not be where I have envisioned my self to be years ago but I am grateful nonetheless.

I have had the luck and opportunity to work abroad. I have always dreamed of visiting foreign lands but I never saw my self working abroad and I consider that day when I saw the advert for a job in banking in the UAE one of the luckiest and happiest coincidence/ fate/ blessing I have ever had.  Working abroad came with a bonus – I got the (wonderful) challenge of living independently which if I fully embraced. Freedom is a tricky thing and though I have made some minor mistakes (nothing major major!) I stuck with my morals and beliefs and (hopefully) didn’t do anything to put myself and family to shame.

I’ve had the good fortune to do a bit of traveling too. I can’t forget my first trip abroad, looking out the plane window and seeing the beautiful Hong Kong harbour, I was awed and with eyes brimming with tears I could not help but whisper a word of thanks to God. I really do love to travel – the fuss of packing, airport security, getting lost only to stumble upon some hidden culinary gem or point of interest is one great adventure. I love it so much that if I could be magic or have superpowers I’d choose to be able to apparate, be in two places at once or fly so I could go exploring all around the world.

Working and traveling abroad allowed me to meet, get to know and socialize with people from different cultures – I have improved my people skills with that somehow – I still am shy and can shut up like a clam at times but I think I am more thick-faced and a bit confident now around people.

I have had the opportunity to do my bit my participating in civic groups and charity events – the UAE has an abundance of organizations and events for good causes and it helps built character and a sense of humanity.

I have a (somewhat) clearer sense of self – I may not like me at times but I learned not to be too much self-critical, find the beauty in me, not beat myself too much for some mistakes and pat myself on the back at times for a job well done.

I have retained a childlike and youthful disposition and look to match – sorry I just had to get that in haha! There are times when I wonder if I am being immature but I’d like to think that I am not – I just choose not to be corrupted with grown-up issues but enjoy and carry on life and all it’s struggles with the innocence and wisdom of a child.

And I am grateful and thankful that I am able to celebrate this *bleep bleepth* birthday of mine in good health and spirit with the love of friends and family.

… and (this just in) I am thankful for the unexpected delivery of loveliest bouquet of flowers from my adorable godson Shan!!!

Today I turn *blank blank* I am having a wonderful day so far! I thank the heaven’s above for all the blessing and life adventures and here’s hoping this year will lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams and prayers!

my birthday ice cream cake - nope that is not my age it's baskin's 31 flavor logo!

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